Born and raised in Amsterdam , Jord has educated himself in music from an early age. He’s always been tinkering with synthesizers and experimenting with different sounds. As a DJ he played almost every thinkable musical style.

He works the wheels of steel in the best clubs of Amsterdam and he’s been a welcome addition to many a line-up all over Europe and beyond.

He moves people by creating a unique atmosphere making them come back for more.

Jord Knox plays a refreshing and diverse Future/ Deep House sound with a vintage twist. Influences from rock, pop, trance, you name it, can be found in his banging tracks.

Rockstars meet Soul Singers, Models meet Bikers and Old-School meets Future-School.

Jord brings people and sounds together like no other!

With his high energy productions and solid background in music, Jord Knox is moving towards the mainstages of festivals worldwide.

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